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Here are some testimonials from clients I have had the pleasure working with! 

"Katie is attentive and empathetic with her coaching presence. She brings her whole heart and self to her sessions. I felt validated and heard, and she gave me a lot to think about afterwards. Her vast prior experience shows through in her confidence and knowledge, and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone searching for an intelligent, funny, compassionate coach."
~ Daylynn B. (New York, USA)

"There's something about Katie. Being coached by her feels so warming, because she's so sweet and easy to talk to. Her coaching isn't strict and formal, it's relaxing and comfortable. She made me feel like I was meant to be there, and that she truly cared about the tough situation I was in. It's rare for me to feel like others understand what I'm going through, and them actually FEEL along with me. She was able to give me the space I needed to express myself. I could tell she would feel my shame with me, then laugh with me! Katie was able to really open me up and get me to see so clearly some of the things that were stopping me from moving through my barriers in my relationships (or lack there of). I've had such a hard time being open to perspective on relationships, especially from women. Katie was able to get me to understand something that no one else has, but was able to do it without me feeling ashamed or judged. Everything about her approach is welcoming. She has such a subtle way of inviting you into the conversation, you forget you're being coached. I had a fantastic epiphany talking through things with Katie, and it helped me take my next positive turn in becoming better with the people that matter most. Thank you, Katie"

~ Zack H. (Idaho, USA)

"I absolutely loved my session with Katie. She created a space for me to dream and get excited about possibilities and helped me explore what was holding me back. She has such a great way of helping you get deeper into what’s going on for you in a way that is warm and creative. She has been one of my best cheerleaders and I wouldn’t have moved forward with her help and support. Thank you!"

~ Cat S. (United Kingdom)

"Katie is a gem. With her friendly demeanour and great listening skills, she helped me hone in on the direction I’d like to take in my career while holding me accountable along the way. She was both a sounding board and a cheerleader for my journey."

~ S.A. (Toronto, Canada)

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