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To whoever may need to read this today...

I felt a wave of words come over me one night before I fell asleep so I wrote them down and this is what I read the next day. They are words that really needed to come out. I hope they help you.

This is for the person who thinks (or thought) that they have (or had) to be a certain way. When really their idea or need to be a certain way means they end up straying away from who they really are. When really, who they really are is the most uniquely individual human being, so varied and different from any other being. Which is beautiful in the most special way.

To the person who thinks that they need to be smart and whose idea of smart is so different from their own unique style of intelligence. The person who thinks that if they read the biggest history book or science book that they will now be seen as smart. When really, their individualistic strength is being able to paint the sky with thousands of strokes by a paint brush. With abilities to make it look so realistic and true. As realistic and as true as they are when they exercise their individuality.

To the person who thinks they must dress, look or engage in a certain way to be seen as beautiful. When really, their beauty is shining in the way they dress, look and engage with the world already. Because with authenticity, truth and a way of knowing that no one else knows, they are beautiful in their own individual way.

To the person who believes they must hang with a certain crowd to be viewed in a way that makes them seem cooler. When really, their crowd is the coolest crowd because that crowd loves them for them for being so true and raw and honest and goofy. And that crowd loves when you’re true and raw and honest and goofy. And it’s cool when you don’t have to change that for anyone.

To the person who thinks they are too weird and feel they should be more reserved or watch what they say. When really, you should speak up and be as weird as you want to. Because weird is awesome and speaking your truth feels even more awesome. Believing in something that can make a difference is awesome and speaking about that out loud is freaking awesome.

To the person who feels they are too fat, too skinny, not packed with muscle enough, not tall enough or short enough, or any which way than how they are right now. When really, your body is your body and it’s amazing as it is. No one else has your body, how incredible is that? It’s yours alone and it’s best done up when it’s loved and taken care of and given hugs from yourself and others who love you.

To the person who was told by someone else that they weren't [insert here] enough. When really, you ARE enough, in every way possible ... and don't let anyone tell you or convince you otherwise. Please don't believe those words from that person because they were hurting when they said that and you can forgive them and let go of it now. It's your time now to take back your worth.

To the person who never wanted to sing or dance or do whatever creative thing because they were scared of what others might say. Try that thing and do that thing. You might just have the most exhilarating and fun experience that makes your heart so happy and full and you will not regret those feelings once you push through the fear.

To the person who feels they must do what others do, say what others say, and be what others are. You do not have to do, say or be what anyone else is. Because what anyone else is, is not you. You are you. And you get to decide that you are incredible as you are and can decide to own that. You get to be as flourishing as you are if you allow yourself that space and love. You get to be creative. You get to immerse yourself in whatever you choose. You get to express yourself in ways no one else does because your expression is uniquely yours. You get to love who you want to love, be with who you want to be with, say what you want to say, hold back when you want to, go for it when you want to, be upset when you want to, happy when you want to, driven when you want to or procrastinate when you want to. The moment you decide that this reality is yours and that you can control this reality, the world shifts in ways you could never imagine. Make shifts in your life. Be in the front seat and steer where you want to go. Go after what you want and be unapologetically you in the process. Because living your life as you are and loving yourself is way more fun than not. You are worthy and wonderful just the way you are.

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