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Why I Do What I Do - My Life Coaching Journey

Updated: Jul 25, 2019

I wanted to take the time to create a blog post on why I do what I do. To tell you why I love Life Coaching, what my goal is with it, and why I fell in love with this empowering field. There are so many reasons and I’m bouncing back and forth in my brain with which one to start with, but I’m just going to let the words spill and hope my story flows coherently for you to read.

The Beginning

I’ve always loved to help people and I’ve always been quite the giver and helper. In school, I was always so engaged in classes and courses that focused on the brain, psychology and mental wellness. At the end of my awkward high school journey (everyone’s was kind of awkward too…right?), I debated between majoring in English or majoring in Psychology. I decided on Psychology. Mostly because I wanted to learn all about our brains, why we do what we do, mental health issues, therapeutic interventions and all about those brain chemicals and neurons and stuff. I’ll admit, I also wanted to figure out my own issues at the same time on the sly. I’m curious like that.

The Middle

Fast forward, I’m finished my BA and I’m out in the world. Exciting times, huh? I’m an adult! What the hell am I going to do with my life now?! After fun serving jobs that helped me get out of my comfort zone, as well as random stints at office temp positions that I didn’t like at all, I found a management and leadership position at a therapy clinic that helped me realize that this is still the field for me. I was so inspired by the team around me, that I ended up completing a Master of Science in Forensic Psychology whilst being employed full-time. I’ve always been so interested in the forensic psychology field (and no… not just because of Criminal Minds or C.S.I.), but because I’ve always been interested in rehabilitation and reintegration of people who have been in conflict with the law. I also volunteered for several years at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto, where I had a volunteer role in the forensic unit conducting an art program for women who were found Not Criminally Responsible. I loved this unit, and it further enforced my passion for working with others.

I never really wanted to be a psychologist or a psychotherapist. I respect the work 100%, and I endorse it every day, but it never really felt like a fit as much for me. Which is when I discovered Life Coaching. I took a Life Coaching certificate program from a college in Toronto, and I’ve taken several other courses and workshops. I’m someone who always loves to learn, so of course, I enrolled in yet another Life Coaching certificate, The Catalyst Life Coaching Intensive through JRNI. I took this to further my knowledge to help my clients when it comes to their life and goals, and ended up making so many connections, life-long friends and have an incredible community to lean on.

Anyway, a couple of years ago, I started seeing my first few clients, and although I was nervous as hell when I started, the feeling and energy I received from being able to ask questions, get curious, hold space, and practice accountability to watch my clients grow was like nothing I’ve ever felt. The energy exchange is incredible and I love how empowered my clients become when they take charge of their life. In addition to seeing clients for work, I’ve also been so honoured to be able to offer pro-bono Life Coaching sessions for the Elizabeth Fry Toronto, an incredible organization that supports women and individuals who are at risk or have been in conflict with the law, and helps them navigate the criminal justice system, empower them to make meaningful change and engage in community programs. The Life Coaching sessions were offered for an Entrepreneur Program they just rolled out last year. I’ve been volunteering here for a year and a half now in the Talk & Listen program and Court Support Worker program, and the ability to collide by studies has been such a humbling and heart-warming experience.

The Ongoing

So, if you're still following along with my back and forth... now that I’ve shared some of my past and present, let me explain more of my vision and mission. I love supporting individuals in all walks of life. I also love working with women and empowering them to feel how they want to. I want everyone to know their worth and know that they are valuable, amazing and uniquely talented individuals. Everyone has a story and my goal is to help people be the author of their life and rewrite their stories to what they want it to be. I want to encourage people, motivate them and coach them on what is most beneficial for them. I love working with issues such as self-esteem, self-worth, confidence, self-compassion, body image, positivity, relationships, career, limiting beliefs, friendships and forgiveness. I want to create a safe space for people to flesh out their ideas, get creative, get curious and flip things around in ways they’ve always dreamed of but never thought was possible. I want to help people know they can do what they want to and can design the life they dream of. Using positive psychology, life coaching tools, solution-focused techniques, future visioning, and proper questioning, my role as a Life Coach is to guide you while you lead the way as you create action steps for meaningful change and development.

This is my passion and what gets me excited for my day. I love seeing people grow and I enjoy watching people flourish. Everyone deserves to thrive and have as many chances as they like at starting something new.

If you have questions, comments or curious to know more, I'd love to hear from you! Let's set up a free discovery call to see if Life Coaching is right for you and see how I can help you on your journey.

Wishing you the best,

Kaitlyn :)

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