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How to Stay Motivated with Your Goals

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Do you find you sometimes struggle with staying motivated or find yourself falling off track with your goals? Well, I've got tips for you! The suggestions below for keeping up with motivation have definitely helped me whenever I start to feel a bit sluggish or lose my sense of drive. So I hope they help for you, too!

1. Visualize Your Goals

Close your eyes and really FEEL into it. What does this goal look like? How does it feel when you have the goal accomplished? What do you look like - are you standing taller? Smiling more? What are the sounds, smells, sensations that come up? Get really into it. Write it down and feel all the emotions, thoughts and visuals that come up when you see your end goal.

2. Small Steps

Setting small steps to achieve your goals will often times be best for you in the long run. We can overwhelm and stress ourselves out when we try to accomplish everything all at once. Go from one action step toward your goal to the next action step, and so on. Take your big amazing goal and break it down into small pieces and set aside time to accomplish each step in a way that works best for you. Don’t forget to reward yourself and tell yourself how awesome you are with each tick of the box on your list of goals and small steps!

3. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Write down 3-5 things (or however many!) that you are grateful for. When you write these down into your journal (in the morning and/or evening), really feel into it and experience the emotions that come with it. Why are you thankful for this? Who or what do you appreciate? How is this helping/changing/impacting your life for the best? Really think about it and feel all the feelings. Get detailed and feel the positive energy that surrounds your gratitude.

4. Have an Accountability Buddy

Do you have a friend or like-minded individual in your life? Partner up and keep each other accountable. You can check in with each other, discuss motivation tips or help give each other a little kick in the butt whenever you need it. It makes it more fun to go through this with someone and also helps you create less excuses for not accomplishing something when you have someone else to report to!

5. Review Your Day

Before you go to sleep, go through your day without any judgment or negative talk and check-in with yourself and your day. Ask yourself questions on how effective you were today, how present you were, how aware you were, how kind you were to yourself and to others, etc. This is a fun learning exercise on how to be more mindful in your day and how you can improve for the next day. Then after all of that, you can visualize how you want your day to go tomorrow and imagine how awesome you are going to feel, what lessons from today you learned and how you can apply them tomorrow, what you want to achieve and how you want to feel.

Hope these tips are helpful for you and your motivation! Happy goal-setting :)

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