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A Fun Twist on Goal-Setting for the New Year!

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Setting goals and resolutions for the New Year doesn't have to feel dull or tough to do. Why not make it fun and change it up with this creative idea below!

The New Year brings on quite a bit of stimulation, energy and focus, and many of us begin to formulate goals and resolutions for the year ahead that we set out to achieve. Although goal-setting and resolutions can be a really fun and exciting task for many people, it can often feel like a lot to take on for those who are not used to setting goals. Setting a couple of big goals might bring on a sense of discouragement, which can result in these ideas being dropped quickly from our minds because it feels like it’s too much or that it’s unattainable. Although our comfort zones are, well, comfortable, it feels so invigorating to be able to step outside of that and begin to strive for what we want, get creative and start setting small goals that end up being quite big in the grand scheme of things!

So, if you’re new to goal-setting or want to switch it up this year, here’s a great and creative way to get started. Instead of making a few very big goals, why not try making smaller, weekly goals, once a month (so that's 12 goals, that you can easily achieve in one week, every month). For example, for one week in January, try going without meat. Or for one week in February, stay off social media. For one week in March, try not spending money on food or takeout. Or maybe in April, you do a one week trial at the new gym you’ve been wanting to try. By setting goals this way, you have lots of attainable goals that you can achieve each month. You can then look back on at the end of the year and see all your awesome accomplishments you set out for yourself that year!

And hey, why not try it with a friend? Setting goals with friends, loved ones or family is a great way to keep accountable and have fun with it! Goals don’t have to be daunting, exhausting or something that makes you feel anxious. When you have a buddy, it’s easier to check in with each other, see how you’re both doing for the week, and then you can celebrate together once you complete your goal for the week.

Happy Goal-Setting!

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