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Welcome to KD Life Coaching!

I'm Katie and I am a Certified Life Coach that’s dedicated to helping you reach your full potential so that you can lead a happy, successful and extraordinary life.  Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, I have recently moved abroad to the United Kingdom on a new journey. Here's a little more about me and what I do!


My passion is to help my clients succeed in every avenue in their life while guiding them to recognize their worth, value and uniquely wonderful self. As a Life Coach, I help my clients rediscover their authentic individual selves, whilst encouraging them to embrace their creativity, connection, values, strengths, passions and goals.


I hold a MSc in Forensic Psychology, BA in Psychology and two certificates in Life Coaching. I specialize in working with people presenting with various challenges in many areas of life, such as rediscovering self, relationships, dating, confidence, body image, forgiveness, loneliness, self-esteem, self-worth, assertiveness, career development and self-actualization. I use various life coaching methods and techniques to promote positivity, change and action. As a genuine and positive motivator, I approach my clients with warmth, optimism and humour to create a comfortable environment where you are supported in making changes to achieve greater fulfilment in everyday life and relationships. I actively listen with a keen ear to be able to help you gain perspective as well as highlight areas for change, while pulling from my vast training, experiences and resources to create an individualized plan, just for you.  


I hold and create a safe space for clients to help them flesh out their ideas, get creative, stay curious and flip things around in ways they’ve always dreamed of but never thought was possible. Using positive psychology, life coaching tools, solution-focused techniques, future visioning, and proper questioning, my role as a Life Coach is to guide you while you lead the way as you create action steps for meaningful change and development.  

I have been an invited guest speaker, hosting workshops on various topics. I have hosted workshops and talks at the University of Toronto, Elmwood Spa, Elizabeth Fry Toronto, and TD Bank. 

Please reach out if you're looking to schedule your free discovery call. I look forward to working with you!


what is life coaching? 

Life Coaching is different from psychotherapy and other forms of counseling, because it starts from the here and now and helps clients look forward instead of behind.  With a Life Coach, you will gain perspective on your life right now and discover yourself, your passions, goals, challenges and any obstacles that are currently in your way, so that you can create a plan of action and carve the path that is successful and desirable to you.  A Life Coaching session will help you discover where you are now, where you want to be and what is currently getting in the way of that. With awareness, acceptance and action, you will change and transform into the individual you strive to be with a life you are confident and proud of. 

Having a Life Coach will be a motivating, empowering and inspiring process.  Your life coach will be there for you to keep you accountable, check in on your goals and progress, help you with developing your plan of action, and motivate you on every step of your exciting new journey.  Life Coaching is encouraging and creates a safe space to flesh out your plan, listen to your ideas and dreams while brainstorming and shifting perspectives, and also giving you that ‘kick’ and reality check that sometimes we all need but often times do not receive from friends and family.

Working with me will be an empowering and rewarding experience, as you learn about yourself, your passions, your dreams, and your life.  I will often provide homework at the end of your session so that you have a measurable and tangible goal to work toward while ensuring accountability between sessions.  I will be there for you to narrow down what you want to achieve and helping you succeed.  Whether it’s relationships, confidence, forgiveness, loneliness, self-esteem, self-worth, body image, career, assertiveness, or self-actualization, I will be there every step of the way to ensure that you become that goal-getter you desire to be. You are in the driver seat and I will be there to be your guide and help lead you in the direction you want to go. 

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